Residential Training Programme

The RTP will lay the foundation for the development of data science skills, which will be further developed through the individual research projects and ongoing training workshops.

The RTP is held in Semester 1 (start of September to mid-December) of Year 1 of the 4 year PhD programme and is mandatory for all PhD students.

The RTP takes place at NUI Galway and students will be accommodated on campus. The advantages of the RTP are:

  • Establishes strong cohort cohesion at the outset of the programme
  • Enables interaction between the students and facilitates peer learning
  • Ensures that innovative team-based teaching tools can be used to promote critical thinking, active knowledge and collective problem solving
  • Lays the foundation for networking during the students’ doctorate studies and beyond.

Residential Training Programme

Phase 1: Foundation of Genomics Data Science

Phase 2: Applications in Genomics Data Science

Phase 3: Advanced Genomics Data Science