• The emphasis of the CRT programme on the development of a cohesive student cohort is very valuable as it gives our students a strong peer support network throughout their PhD and subsequent career.
  • Students benefit from a 1st semester residential programme to really improve their genomics and data science skills before embarking on their PhD research project.
  • Our students are in a unique position in that their choice of project is student led. CRT students can choose their project from the large number of research projects available based on their interests and career aspirations.
  • Our students have the opportunity to do a 3-month secondment to either industry or to an international academic group
  • Students benefit from the input of training and review committees that ensure structured training and career development planning.
  • Students benefit from access to the programme team and supervisor network that have a wealth of experience in training PhD students in genomics data science, and in the design and execution of highly interdisciplinary projects.


  • Students receive an annual stipend (tax-free) of €18,500
  • Fees of €5,500/year are provided
  • Accommodation is arranged and paid for in the first semester while on the residential training programme
  • A high-end laptop computer is provided
  • Travel to conferences (€7,500)
  • Participation in workshops (€1,500)
  • Funds to support the student on their placement (€4,500)
  • Publication costs (€6,300) allowing your research findings to be published in open access journals, thus increasing their impact