This PhD programme is better than others because it brings together brilliant and talented bioinformaticians in different areas and helps them build a strong team of colleagues and future collaborators. I also really appreciate the wide range of available projects that you can choose to do your PhD.
The SFI funded CRT in Genomics Data Science PhD stands out from other ordinary degrees in a few keys ways. Firstly, the 3 month training programme exposes you to the entire field of Genomics and gives you networking access to some of the leaders in the field. Secondly, the cohort system gives you an immediate social group who are all interested in the same area of science as you are, this is in stark contrast to the usual ‘lonely PhD student’ stereotype. Thirdly, the fact that you get to pick and choose which research topic you will study for your PhD gives you a sense of control and certainty in your work. The CRT offers support and guidance from many staff members so you do not have to rely on just your supervisor for help, they are also extremely supportive and will back you in any decision you make. They encourage outreach activity and side projects which is great for developing new skills and techniques. Overall, this PhD programme is a solid choice for anybody who wants to become involved in the area of Genomics.
The SFI CRT Genomics Data Science PhD offers a unique residential training program in semester 1, providing modules for students to develop their data science skills whilst satisfying the 30 ECTS requirement for the duration of your PhD. During this period students will also get the chance to interact with potential supervisors to decide which project they would like to pursue for the remainder of the PhD program. The residential training program places you in an excellent position to begin your research in semester 2 when you begin your project at your university of choice.
The CRT in Genomics Data Science is a great programme because it provides access to excellent resources and researchers in the field of bioinformatics. It is unique from traditional PhD programmes in that it is majorly student-led and you have a huge range of exciting and important projects to choose from. Being part of a cohort means you have a close network of people with similar interests and experiences to accompany you through what can sometimes be a stressful or isolating journey. I'd highly recommend the programme to anyone considering a PhD in the area of genomics
The CRT has been a great opportunity to broaden my skillset far beyond what I would have in a standard PhD. Structured learning across various topics and the opportunity to engage with leaders in the field provided me with a great starting point for my project.
I think what's good and unique about this programme is the initial residential training, it gives you a good base of knowledge from which you can build on as you progress through your PhD, rather than just jumping straight in as is the case with traditional PhD programmes, which might seem more daunting. I also feel that being with a group that was in a similar situation as myself was less isolating, than may have been the case under a more traditional programme where you could be put into a situation where you are at a different level to everyone else.