Our People


John Francis O’Grady

University College Dublin
Cohort 3
Email: john.ogrady@ucdconnect.ie
Supervisor: David MacHugh

I received my undergraduate Animal Science degree from University College Dublin in 2020. Following this, I completed an M.Sc in Genomic Medicine at Trinity College Dublin. These two courses cemented my understanding of both quantitative and molecular genetics in addition to introducing concepts related to computational biology and bioinformatics. I have completed a bioinformatics internship at Plusvital, an equine genomics company identifying homozygous haplotype deficiency in the Thoroughbred Horse under the supervision of Prof. Emmeline Hill. I am currently based in the Animal Genomics Laboratory in the UCD School of Agriculture and Food Science investigating integrative and comparative genomics of tuberculosis disease in humans and livestock under the supervision of Prof. David MacHugh and co-supervisor Prof. Claire Gormley. I have a keen interest in genomics, in particular and the application of functional genomics to understanding the host pathogen interaction and genome-enabled breeding. Outside of genomics, I have an interest in polling, statistical analysis of polling data and all things related to Irish, EU and US politics.