Our People


Ashwini Shanmugam

Royal College of Surgeons Ireland
Cohort 2
Email: AshwiniShanmugam20@rcsi.ie
URL: linkedin.com/in/ashwini-shanmugam-2bb9544a/

I have a B.E. in Biotechnology and an M.Tech. in Bioinformatics from Manipal Academy of Higher Learning (Manipal University) and Visvesvaraya Technological University, India, respectively. For the past few years, I was a part of Strand Life Sciences, a precision diagnostics company based in India. While there, I helped develop and validate targeted NGS profiling tests for somatic cancers. This has largely shaped my interests in the application of genomics, statistical methodologies, and computational techniques in translational research, specifically to identify new diagnostic and therapeutic biomarkers, and prognostic indicators to develop effective strategies to aid decision-making in clinical settings.