Student led workshop in response to COVID-19 Pandemic

Over 150 participants signed up for workshop developed by CRT students in response to the Covid-19 pandemic!

The shutdown of research labs due to the pandemic is having a huge impact on life scientists. Our CRT students thought it would be a good opportunity to help their fellow researchers develop their data science skills during this period. The CRT students developed an “Introduction to data science for life scientists” workshop, with a focus on analyzing “omics” data. The workshop was hosted on Github, where new material was posted for participants on a weekly basis with worksheets , help to troubleshoot software issues,  coding exercises and Zoom tutorials. Over 200 people applied to register for the workshop and they included MSc, PhD, Postdocs and PIs who all wanted to improve their data science skills. It was a fantastic effort by the CRT student and so popular it was very oversubscribed with many requests to run it again!

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