Great presentations by students from UC Santa Barbara on placement with CRT students at the University of Galway

The CRT was delighted to welcome 3 PhD students from the University of California Santa Barbara on summer placements!

The 3 students are part of the National Science Foundations’ National Research Traineeship Programme (NRT) on Data Driven Biology. They are based at UC Santa Barbara and the NRT is led by Prof Beth Pruitt.

The 3 students , Zsofia Szegletes, Lauren Washington and Breanna Takacs spent 2 months in Galway working with supervisors  to make fantastic progress on their mini research projects. It was a great opportunity for the students to learn new data science skills and connect with CRT students.

Their projects reflected their diverse interests and the students gave excellent presentations at the end of their placement outlining the aims of the projects and the work they had carried out while on placement

  • Zsofia’s project focused on  “Sex determination in Hydractinia Symbiolongicarpus” (Supervisors Uri Frank and Cathal Seoighe)
  • Lauren’s project focused on “The application of inferCNV to AML scRNA-seq data ” – (Supervisor Eva Szegezdi)
  • Breanna’s project focused on “Investigating diversity of the complementary sex-determiner gene in Irish honeybee populations”  (Supervisor Grace McCormack)


It was great to host the students in Galway and we hope there will many such opportunities for placements in the future to foster interactions and collaborations between US researchers and CRT supervisors and students!



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