Great craic at the CRT Ceili!

The gathering together of all CRT students for annual progress reviews provided an excellent opportunity for some  social activities!

Dinner followed by an Irish music band and a Ceili was a very welcome and fun break from the research presentations and progress review panel meetings. Most of the CRT students came along to dinner and the Ceili in the Dean Hotel in Galway where we had a fantastic “caller” tell us all how to do the dances and the peer-to-peer leaning was in full evidence as our students who had actually been to a Ceili before had some vague idea of what they were doing and were happy to share their somewhat dodgy knowledge of the dances and steps with their cohorts.

All-in-all it was a very enjoyable night and great exercise for everyone. A big thank you to the band and in particular to our Director Cathal Seoighe who played the fiddle for the Ceili!



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