Check out the Silicon Republic Interview with CRT Student Barry Scott

From a career in finance to a career in bioinformatics and breakthrough research on Obesity published in nature metabolism!

Barry Scott is a 4th Year PhD student supervised by Lydia Lynch and David Finlay at Trinity College Dublin. Barry spent 14 years trading in the financial markets before going back to do and MSc in Genetics and Cell Biology before accepting a CRT PhD position in 2020.

Check out the Silicon Republic  interview with Barry about his career change and the work that led to his recent publication in Nature Metabolism. His research is particularly significant as it sheds light on the mechanism of action of metformin, the most commonly prescribed medication for type-2 diabetes. His discovery that metformin boosts levels of Lac-Phe, a natural appetite suppressant, opens new doors in understanding how this drug reduces hunger.

Check out the interview here!

From finance to bioinformatics and an obesity breakthrough



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