A big thanks to the students from cohorts 1 & 2 who contributed to workshops for the cohort 3 students

As part of their residential training programme cohort 3 students are doing the thematic workshops on  population genetics and molecular evolution, the genomics of common and rare diseases, cancer genomics, pathogen genomics and metagenomics and agrigenomics.

This week we were absolutely delighted that some of the students from cohorts 1 and 2 contributed to the workshops in the areas they have developed expertise in.

  • Ashwini Shanmugam who is a cohort 2 student and doing her PhD in RSCI helped out with the population genomics workshop
  • Isabelle Boothman a cohort 1 student from RCSI, Kane Collins and Tembi Fashina cohort 2 students from RCSI and Rebecca Mahoney a cohort 1 student from NUIG all helped out with the common and rare diseases workshop
  • Sarah Ennis a cohort 1 student from NUIG helped out with the Cancer Genomics workshop

The cohort 1 & 2 students took advantage of the opportunity to catch up with the other NUIG based CRT students with a nice dinner out and a few drinks!

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